Contract wafer manufacturing is a fundamental business strategy for an ever-increasing number of compound semiconductor device manufacturers. The epitaxy process is one of the most critical and expensive parts of the manufacturing chain and, due to very significant technology developments over the past several years, now requires the highest level of expertise which is most readily available from a trusted specialist supplier such as IQE.

By contracting with IQE, customers are assured of the highest quality epiwafers and substrates. Possessing the largest independent manufacturing capacity worldwide, IQE are able to achieve enhanced economies of scale that no other merchant epiwafer manufacturer can realize and few in-house capabilities can match. IQE can help customers reduce their time to market with access to volume production of new materials and emerging technologies.



Competitive advantage

WatchIn today's dynamic marketplace, our customers are looking to reduce their financial and technical risks associated with developing or maintaining an internal capability. This allows them to free-up significant capital to focus on the added value sector of the business chain.

Every epiwafer supplied by IQE is manufactured to the customers exact specifications. IQE is highly sensitive to the confidentiality of each customers design specification and has safeguards in place to ensure that customers intellectual property remains proprietary.