The evolution of Semiconductors


An overview showing key milestones in the compound semiconductor industry and how compound semiconductors relate to and enhance the broader silicon industry sector.  (3:30)


Compound Semiconductors Everywhere


An introduction to the role of compound semiconductors in the world today and a look at the increasingly important role for these materials in new and emerging technologies.  (5:05)


Edison: Interview with Drew Nelson

Drewnelson Edison

Edison TV Executive Interview recorded March 2017. 


IQE's Photonics Business Unit


An interview with Brian van Orsdel, Director of Sales for IQE's Photonics Business Unit in North America. (2:03)


Edison TV: Interview with Tim Pullen, CFO


Executive interview with Tim Pullen, CFO at IQE, who discussed his early impressions of IQE and its medium - to longer-term outlook in an EdisonTV interview.


The OpenIQE Technology Challenge


An introduction to IQE's open innovation programme: OpenIQE. (1:07)


CoInnovateCS 2020


Held in the US and co-located with CS MANTECH in Minneapolis on May 2-3, 2019, CoInnovateCS provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with experts in compound semiconductor manufacturing. (2:01)


Photonics technologies: Courtesy EPIC


An introduction to the world of photonics, produced by the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) featuring its Director General, Carlos Lee. (7:21)