The epitaxy process is the most critical and demanding step in the RF semiconductor manufacturing chain.

IQE offers the industry's broadest range of RF epitaxial wafer products for wireless communication, radar, and RF heating applications across the radio frequency spectrum spanning 1 MHz to 300 GHz.

Our III-V epitaxial products are manufactured from GaAs, GaN, and InP, complemented by our Group IV silicon and germanium semiconductor materials. In addition, IQE is the only RF epitaxial wafer producer that can offer MOCVD, MBE and CVD production epiwafer deposition technologies, including new heterointegration III-V on Silicon. Depending on substrate material, IQE can provide group III-V wafer sizes of 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm and group IV wafer sizes from 150mm to 300mm.

IQE has offered GaAs epiwafers since our founding in 1988, and was instrumental in supplying products to drive the mobile phone revolution. Currently IQE supplies the majority of the worldwide demand for GaAs HBTs, pHEMTs, and BiFETs/BiHEMTs.

In addition, IQE supplied the first GaN HEMT epiwafer over 20 years ago. Since that time, by improving performance and manufacturing techniques we have helped to position GaN as the best solution for MIMO sub-6 GHz 5G base station transmitters, as well as new defensive radars and electronic countermeasures.

IQE’s development of InP epiwafer HBT and HEMT structures has enabled our customers to develop transceiver chipsets at terahertz (THz) frequencies, setting records for the highest frequency for signal transmission.

Group III-V RF Epitaxial Wafer Structures offered:

GaAs PIN Diodes
GaAs Schottky Diodes
AlGaAs GaAs HBTs
AlGaAs GaAs BiFETs / BiHEMTs
GaN HEMTs on SiC*
GaN HEMTs on Si
GaN PINs on SiC
GaN on GaN
GaN on Sapphire

*Optional Barrier (InAlN, AlGaN, & Cap Structures

Group IV Silicon and Germanium Epitaxial Wafer Structures offered:

Silicon Epitaxy on Buried Layers
Multilayer Epitaxy
High Resistivity Silicon Epitaxy
Epitaxial Silicon on Sapphire
Silicon on Insulator (SOI)
Strained Silicon
Silicon Germanium (SiGe)
Selective Silicon, Silicon Germanium or Germanium Epitaxy
Germanium Epitaxy on Germanium
Germanium Epitaxy on Silicon
Germanium Epitaxy on Insulator (GOI)