2021 AGM format in light of continued Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

IQE’s Board recognises the importance of the AGM and we would normally welcome the occasion as an opportunity to meet and engage with our shareholders. Continued uncertainty in respect of COVID-19, and our ongoing commitment to protect the health and wellbeing of our shareholders, officers and employees, has required the Board to decide that shareholders will be unable to attend this year’s AGM in person.

Shareholders will be able to join the AGM via webcast here and will need their unique Shareholder Reference Number, which can be found on the proxy card or Notice of Availability, in order to login. The webcast will enable shareholders to watch the meeting but will not enable voting on the resolutions during the AGM. We therefore strongly encourage shareholders to complete and submit their proxy vote in advance of the AGM, and to appoint the Chair of the meeting as a proxy rather than a named individual as no other named individuals will be able to attend.

We also welcome your questions regarding the AGM and encourage you to submit those in advance using the details on the webcast link or by email to AGM@iqep.com. The webcast will also, for a limited period of time, enable you to submit written questions, and a selection of those will then be put to the Board during the Q&A part of the AGM. The Company will publish written responses to questions on our website following the close of the meeting and we reserve the right to consolidate questions of a similar nature.

The requirements under s311A of the Companies Act 2006 are satisfied by the Notice of Annual General Meeting 2021.  A link to this document can be found below.

Webcast: https://webcasting.brrmedia.co.uk/broadcast/6093e6d7576c9638976d3e8c

Notice of AGM

Proposed Articles of Association