IQE’s strength lies in the expertise of our workforce.

Over the years we have been fortunate to retain leading industry experts by being a market leader and we recognise that our teamwork and collaboration is a powerful competitive advantage that drives constant improvement throughout our organisation. This is supported by our culture of integrity, accountability, excellence, valuing people and teamwork.



We behave ethically, safely, honestly and lawfully


We work to clear and mutually accepted responsibilities, hands-on decision management and decision making


We strive for excellence in all we do with a focus on continuous improvement

Valuing People

We treat people with respect and dignity; We communicate with clarity and honesty; We provide opportunities for people to reach their potential


We work collaboratively towards common goals

Equality and Diversity

IQE believes that all of its global employees should be free from discrimination regardless of race, nationality, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability and religious or political beliefs. We pursue equality of opportunity in all employment practices, policies and procedures and are committed to creating a work environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Our human resources policies, including our Dignity at Work policy, support this aim and are available online to all employees.

IQE recognises that gender diversity remains an ongoing issue within the technology sector and the semiconductor industry, and the gender diversity of IQE’s Board now stands at 44% female. We are focused on encouraging equality and diversity at all levels of IQE and understand the importance of continued improvement in this area. We are signatories to the Tech Talent Charter (TTC) which is an initiative to encourage greater inclusion and diversity in the tech workforce of the UK, and is supported by the UK Digital Strategy. We will work with the TTC to drive measurable change within IQE.

Learning and Development

IQE recognises that our continuing commercial success is dependent upon our ability to attract, retain, motivate and nurture the best talent in our industry. As the foundation for this, we aim to support all employees to develop their full personal and professional potential and enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling career at IQE. We are committed to promoting an environment and culture that provides for agile and life-long learning with the following aims:

  • Transform how we train our people, embracing digital training methods and agile learning;
  • Ensure our engineering and technical staff have defined training pathways and we can Demonstrate visibility around training execution and evaluation;
  • Shape the culture whilst embracing technology to simplify and create access for all to learn in an agile work environment; and
  • Align our Learning Management System with our Quality Management System to ensure the effective management of competence.

How we support L&D at IQE

We support learning and development at IQE through our Learning Management System called ‘The Vault’. Through this global platform we are able to offer virtual learning which is bespoke to IQE’s needs. Our learning and development team are able to design multi-modal learning including e-learning, videos and infographics to promote and encourage an agile learning culture.

Employee Wellbeing

At IQE the physical and mental health of our employees is paramount and we routinely promote wellbeing and provide wellness support to our staff. We provide regular health checks, and offer access to medical assistance through our Employee Assistance Programmes, which are designed to support our staff to make healthy lifestyle choices.

These programmes offer healthy lifestyle support and advice, and encourage better health and wellbeing for all employees. They aim to support individuals in making small sustainable changes to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

We also recognise international events such as World Mental Health Day and International Stress Awareness Week, where we provide our employees with the support and advice needed to maintain positive well-being.