InnovationIQE has many exciting development activities in place to ensure continuing support of our growing customer base and the increasing range of commercially important semiconductor devices. Supporting the most diverse product portfolio in the industry, IQE's development efforts activities include internally-funded, government-funded, customer-funded and third-party co-funded efforts, and are associated with next generation applications as well as process improvements leading to greater throughput, higher-quality products, better manufacturing yield, increased production uptime and new product development.

Whilst a number of research and development programmes are subject to  non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality, there are some programmes in the  public domain, examples of which include:

Many other R&D activities, particularly those that are funded or co-funded by customers are subject to strictly controlled confidentiality procedures and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) within IQE.

When it is appropriate and agreed by all parties that progress or outcomes of research activities may be announced, details may be found within the News section of this site. To be automatically updated when announcements are made, please register with the News Alert Service at our home page.