Who we are

IQE is the world’s only pure play compound semiconductor provider with a global footprint, strategically  positioned to enable the next wave of innovation. We can service our customers in their geographies with
our three-continent manufacturing footprint, offering world-class technology, flexibility and supply chain security.

Our vision

Enabling a brighter future through the power of advanced semiconductors​.

Our mission

Our products are fundamental in the technologies we use in our everyday life.​ As leaders in semiconductor materials innovation, we are committed to responsibly powering the next generation of technology to drive society towards a sustainable, Net Zero future.​ We are enabling a global technology revolution to create a connected, safe and inclusive world.

What we do

IQE offers compound semiconductor manufacturing services that deliver powerful enabling technologies
that change how we live and work. We understand that in an intelligently connected world, the megatrends of the future will require the advanced performance characteristics of compound semiconductors.