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The wireless market covers electronic devices that communicate wirelessly: mobile phones, smartphones, mobile networks, WiFi, smart metering, satellite navigation and a plethora of connected devices.

IQE wireless, a unique breadth and depth of technology.

Wireless accounts for approximately 80% of our group revenues. IQE is the clear market leader with an estimated global market share of more than 50%. Overall, this market has enjoyed several years of strong and sustainable growth driven by both the proliferation of wireless communication; and by the need for more high performance compound semiconductors to power the increasing needs and complexities in wireless communications.

The market for mobile phones is highly competitive, with product innovation creating significant swings in market share between the leading handset manufactuer to capture the imagination of customers with new gadgets.

This innovation war also creates new types of wirelessly enabled devices including tablets, phablets, and wearable technology such as watches and glasses. In addition, the “internet of things” will bring even greater wireless connectivity to everyday life over the coming years. 

IQE manufactures the atomically engineered materials that form the chips that meet the needs of handsets both today and for future generations.

IQE's chips inside a modern smartphone

Compound semiconductors lie at the heart of the wireless communication systems. It is the advanced properties of these materials that have enabled the wireless revolution to date and will continue to drive future innovation.