In recent years there has been a great deal of effort to search for alternative sources of energy that are viable, reliable and sustainable. Solar energy has long been sought after as an ideal solution for energy production but the efficiency of existing technologies in converting sunlight into electricity has been very poor and far from cost effective.

IQE's epitaxial technologies and materials science can transform the solar energy landscape. Solar cells utilising compound semiconductors (called CPV or Concentrated PhotoVoltaics) provide the most efficient solution by using multiple layers of finely tuned materials to absorb sunlight across a wider range of wavelengths.

IQE has two keys roles to play in the CPV industry: bringing down costs and increasing efficiency.

Advanced solar (CPV) is a highly disruptive renewable energy technology which continues to gain traction. Advances in cell and system efficiency are accelerating the adoption of CPV for utility scale energy generation, which is widely expected to be $200m market for compound semiconductor materials in the next 2 to 5 years. CPV is highly disruptive technology in the energy market.

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Longesst Project:
In 2014, IQE joined a European consortium to develop multi-junction space solar cells on high quality, low cost, large area (150mm diameter) Germanium substrates.