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Photonics is the science of light. It is the technology of generating, controlling and detecting light. Photonics applications are emerging as a key enabling technology for the future and include a broad range of opto-electronic products spanning a wide range of consumer and industrial application, infrared sensing and imaging as well as advanced solar application (CPV).

IQE has a powerful reputation as a world leader in the development of a range of photonic devices.

IQE Photonics, diverse range of growth drivers

Emitters and detectors

This encompasses a wide range of applications including optical interconnects, laser projectors, optical storage, cosmetic applications, gesture recognition, finger navigation and a wide range of other sensing applications.

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Cosmetic applications

Solid state lighting (LEDs)

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are a high performance, low cost, green alternative to incandescent light bulbs. Global concerns about climate change and the Earth’s dwindling natural resources continues to be a priority for governments worldwide. Significant new policies and legislation continue to be introduced in the direction of renewable and highly efficient energy devices.

Light emitting diodes

LED lighting is based on GaN technology. Advances in GaN materials technology will play a critical role in advancing the cost-performance of LED lighting and the acceleration of mass adoption. IQE is at an advanced stage of development with initial product launches expected shortly.

Optical interconnects

Currently, wired data transmission in the home, the office and in data centres is largely undertaken using copper cables. However, data traffic is growing at an explosive rate due to technologies such as high definition imaging, video streaming, “Big Data” and cloud computing. This phenomenon is necessitating a switch from copper wires to optical communication. This is a natural evolution which mirrors the transformation that has already taken place in the in telecoms infrastructure.

Untitled1Optical interconnects

  • VCSELs

Compound semiconductor technology that enables optical interconnects include Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs).

VCSELs provide the primary light source for short-reach optical communication and currently provide the enabling technology for high capacity optical interconnect cables in storage area networks such as datacentres and server farms. VCSEL enabled, multimode fibre optic interconnects optimized for transmission speed at a wavelength of 850 nm are also used in high performance computing systems such as computer clusters and supercomputers.

VCSELs are an advanced laser technology geared to mass production and low cost. IQE is the market and technology leader for VCSEL products, with world record data speeds in excess of 64 GBs recently demonstrated. This is a key milestone in the adoption of photonic technologies for a wide range of data communications applications.

IQE technology leadership and reputation for operational excellence has helped secure major new high volume supply contracts, including a contract with Philips electronics in 2013.