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IQE Infrared is uniquely positioned as a global market leader in the supplier of InSb materials to the semiconductor industry, with IQE’s US (Galaxy) and UK (Wafer Technology) operations offering the World’s largest antimonide wafer production capacity in the industry, using multiple production tools (crystal growth pullers) providing customers with a completely secure, dual sourced supply of InSb wafers. With an estimated market share of approximately 80%, our production is concentrated in defence related applications, which is transitioning to industrial and commercial applications.

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Infrared energy is a form of light that we can't see with our eyes but our bodies can detect as heat.

IQE is actively engaged in a number of collaborative programmes with leading industry players and government agencies in the development and supply of infrared materials based on antimonide (Sb) materials.

The Group has made strong progress in its Infrared market, delivering on a number of key milestones including: major long term supply contract of $1.1m announced and world’s first 150mm InSb product launched for infrared applications.