About us

IQE has been at the forefront of the compound semiconductor industry for more than twenty-five years.

The Group is clearly recognised as the leading global supplier of advanced wafer products and wafer services to the semiconductor industry.

IQE group headquarters in Cardiff, UK.

IQE has grown from a single manufacturing operation into a world class platform with a global footprint spanning Europe, Asia and the USA.

The Company boasts prestigious, global customer base.

IQE market leadership and competitive advantages enable the group to provide a unique service that is second to none.

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The wafer products that we manufacture are used by major global chip companies to produce the chips which enable a wide range of high-tech applications. The unique properties of these materials enable a diverse range of markets including wireless communications, advanced solar power (CPV), high resolution infrared systems, high efficiency LED lighting, efficient power switching and a range of consumer and industrial applications using advanced photonic lasers and detectors.

Beyond this, IQE is also working with leading silicon chip companies and on a number of major government funded programmes to develop the next generation of technology which will combine the scale and maturity of the silicon industry with the advanced properties of compound semiconductors.



Focus on key markets

IQE's core business is epitaxy which is a technology enabler for a diverse range of end market applications.

In order to service each of its key markets, IQE operates six business units covering: wireless, photonics, InfraRed, CPV (advanced solar), power switching, LEDs and advanced electronics.


Continually innovating

Throughout its history, IQE has maintained an active culture of innovation.

In recent years, the Group has made strong progress in its diversification strategy, delivering on a number of key milestones including: major contract announced with Philips for Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) applications across multiple end market applications, world’s first 150mm InSb product launched for infrared applications, qualification of CPV materials with Solar Junction on IQE’s high volume production platform.

IQE is taking a leading role in a number of global technology programmes including:

  • the establishment of a pan-European supply chain capability for the high volume production (VCSELs).
  • the development of multi-junction space solar cells on high quality, low cost, large area (150mm diameter) Germanium substrates. (Europe)
  • A Green energy initiative for the development of high efficiency power control devices based on GaN (USA)



The group's Cardiff facility is recognised by the Welsh Government as a regional "Anchor Company" and has been selected to run an Open Innovation programme, sponsored by the Welsh Government, to identify technology and business opportunities.

Details of IQE's Open Innovation programme can be found on a dedicated website at: www.openiqe.com.



As part of IQE's OpenIQE initiative, a major Open Innovation Conference is planned with partners that include Airbus, General Dynamics (UK) and GE Healthcare along with ESTNet and the Welsh Government.

Details of the CoInnovate conference can be found on a dedicated website at: www.coinnovate.co.uk.



Established in 1988, IQE was the world's first dedicated outsource service offering epitaxy processes to a diverse range of industry sectors. The group continues to lead the way with the industry's most diverse product portfolio.

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