GaN products


IQE currently offers GaN materials for RF products including 100mm GaN on SiC wafers which offer:

  • excellent cross wafer uniformity
  • lower cost per
  • excellent buffer isolation

IQE's GaN RF portfolio also includes advanced structure capability including:

  • Indium Aluminium Nitride (InAlN)
  • Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN)


IQE announced on 8th October 2009 the acquisition of UK based NanoGaN to accelerate the commercialisation of advanced blue & green lasers and solid state lighting (SSL) products.

Nanogan Revised

The partnership between IQE and NanoGaN increases the Group's gallium nitride product offering with the addition of:

  • Free-standing GaN for blue & green laser diodes
  • Free-standing GaN for UHB LEDs
  • GaN epitaxy for LDs and UHB-LEDs

The latest additional GaN based products will facilitate the manufacture of blue and green laser products as well as epi-wafers for ultra high brightness LEDs used in Solid State Lighting (SSL) which will emerge as the replacement of choice for incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescent lighting (CFL).