IQE launches new, dedicated infrared products division

03 May 2013

Cardiff, UK, 03 May 2013: IQE plc (AIM: IQE, “IQE” or the “Group”), the leading global supplier of advanced semiconductor wafer products and services to the semiconductor industry, announces the launch of a new division, ‘IQE Infrared’, which will provide its customers with a complete ‘one stop shop’ for infrared substrate and epitaxial wafer materials covering short to very long wavelength (SWIR to VLWIR) regimes.
The move is part of an overall rebranding exercise to enable the Group to enhance its customers' experiences in its key markets.
IQE is the world leading supplier of substrates and epitaxial wafers for infrared sensing applications ranging from night vision and thermal imaging devices to energy conversion solutions for both military and consumer products.
The new IQE Infrared division will bring together similar product groups from across IQE’s multiple operations to provide a unique focus on infrared detector materials based on gallium and indium antimonide (GaSb and InSb) and indium phosphide (InP).
The group already enjoys a commanding position in the global markets for infrared materials and is highly active in a number of government and industrial research programmes for next generation applications which include the development of larger wafer diameters to meet the expected growth in demand for GaSb, InSb and InP based wafer products.
Dr. Mark J. Furlong, currently General Manager of IQE’s substrate divisions, will head the new division which will offer products from across the IQE Group of companies.
Dr. Mark J. Furlong, VP IQE Infrared, said:
IQE has established a world class position in the supply of infrared materials and is the only supplier offering a complete range of substrate and epitaxial wafer supply solutions spanning SWIR to VLWIR regimes.
“The opportunity to establish a new business unit with an exclusive focus on infrared materials will give IQE better opportunities to combine its substrate and epitaxial wafer products for serving a broader range of customers and even broader range of infrared device applications."


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