IQE presents invited talk at Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting in Boston

27 November 2009

IQE will give an invited talk at the forthcoming Materials Research Society’s Fall Meeting held in Boston from 30 November to 04 December.
The talk entitled: “Molecular Beam Epitaxy Growth of High Mobility Compound Semiconductor Devices for Integration with Si CMOS” will be presented by Dmitri Lubyshev of IQE’s Bethlehem, PA facility.
The presentation will report on work carried out by IQE in conjunction with a number of partners including the department of Materials, Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Teledyne Scientific, Raytheon RF Components, Raytheon Systems, SOITEC and CEA-LETI Minatec.

We report on a direct epitaxial growth approach for the heterogeneous integration of high speed III-V devices with Si CMOS logic on a common Si substrate. InP-based heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBTs) structures were successfully grown on and patterned Si-on-Lattice-Engineered-Substrate (SOLES) substrates using molecular beam epitaxy. DC and RF performance similar to those grown on lattice-matched InP were achieved in growth windows as small as 15×15µm2. Our truly planar approach allows tight device placement with InP-HBTs to Si CMOS transistors separation as small as 2.5 µm, and the use of standard wafer level multilayer interconnects. A high speed, low power dissipation differential amplifier was designed and fabricated, demonstrating the feasibility of using this approach for high performance mixed signal circuits such as ADCs and DACs.


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