IQE's Wafer Technology division's InP used to achieve ground breaking thermo-photovoltaic energy conversion record

14 October 2008

Milton Keynes, 14th October 2008: Wafer Technology today announces a new energy conversion efficiency record for thermo-photovoltaic (TPV) cells. In partnership with CIP Technologies and the University of Oxford, and with partial funding from the UK Technology Strategy Board and EPSRC, a successful three year collaborative research project has delivered first generation single-junction cells with energy conversion efficiencies up to 12%. This compares to 9% from existing, commercially available devices.

TPVs are similar to solar cells, but operate at infrared rather than visible wavelengths, generating electricity directly from heat. They have applications in waste heat recovery from industrial plant such as blast furnaces, combined heat and power (CHP) generation and domestic boilers, as well as silent mobile power generation.

On the TPV project, CIP is responsible for epitaxial growth, device fabrication and the fabrication of fully packaged TPV modules. Wafer Technology developed a new range of low cost InP substrates, and the University of Oxford engaged in cell design and device testing.

Brian Smith, Wafer Technology’s Crystal Growth Manager, commented, “We are very pleased to have contributed the InP substrates upon which these world-class results have been achieved. Our success in developing a new range of InP products specifically targeting TPV applications is a significant achievement and these results affirm Wafer Technology’s strength in advanced crystal growth and substrate manufacturing technologies”.

The partners in the TPV project are:
Wafer Technology :
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Physics Dept., Oxford University :


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