Photonic applications

Photonic applications:

  • Edge emitting lasers
  • VCSELs
  • DFB lasers
  • Detectors
  • PiN diodes
  • APDs
  • LEDs
  • Multi junction CPV
  • QWIPs

IQE manufacturers a diverse range of wafers for the photonics industry

  • Optical Fibre Communications Optical storage (CD, DVD)
  • Optical networking (including Storage Area Networks)
  • Computing (optical mouse devices, CD/DVD ROM)
  • Office/Professional (laser printing/copying)
  • Energy (high efficiency solar cells)

Unlike silicon which is a single element semiconductor, with a fixed set of inherent electronic characteristics, compound semiconductors are made from a mixture of elements from the group III and V columns of the periodic table. By combining elements in the form of such compounds, IQE's engineers can make materials with a diverse range of photonics properties. In particular, compound semiconductors are extremely efficient at generating light from electricity and converting light back into electricity compared with existing alternatives.