III-V on Si

The integration of III-V compound semiconductor materials such as GaAs on Si  provides a unique opportunity to combine the advantages of advanced  semiconductor materials with the capabilities of established silicon  technologies.

Future high-performance ICs will require the monolithic integration of CMOS and III-V Compound Semiconductor (CS) devices to enhance the performance of existing Si CMOS processes through the addition of III-V capabilities.

III-V on silicon offers chip designers the “best junction for the function” without compromising the yield and scale of CMOS or the speed and breakdown of compound semiconductor materials.

Furthermore, a unique III-V on silicon platform will enable optical III-V devices to be fabricated on silicon substrates, creating a new class of high performance mixed-signal and digital IC’s

IQE is actively involved in a number of leading edge research and development programs in the following technological areas:

  • High-speed Mixed Signal Circuit: direct MBE growth via special Ge-on-insulator (GeOI/Si) substrates or Silicon-on-Lattice Engineered Substrates (SOLES). MORE.
  • Digital Logic Circuit: direct MBE growth on Si substrates via metamorphic buffer (M-buffer). MORE
  • Photonics Applications: Direct MBE growth on Ge/Si substrates. MORE
  • Direct MBE growth via STO buffer (GaAs on Si, functional oxide on Si for gate dielectric, ferroelectric field-effect transistors etc.).