Third party accreditation certificates

Each of IQE's worldwide manufacturing facilities is independently accredited to international standards for quality/environmental management.

Please click on the links below to download PDF copies of IQE's current certificate(s)

Quality Management System

(ISO 9001:2015)

IQE Europe Ltd., Cardiff, UK.  Certificate FM 14512

IQE, Taiwan.   Certificate 148529-2014-AE-RGC-RvA

Wafer Technology, Milton Keynes, UK.  Certificate FM 26963 (BSi)

IQE, Greensboro, NC.  Certificate US013523

IQE, Taunton, MA, USA.   Certificate US013577

IQE Inc., Bethlehem, PA.  Certificate US012786-1

Galaxy Semiconductor, Spokane, WA.  Certificate 017731 (SRI)

IQE Silicon., Cardiff, UK.  Certificate FM 66199


MBE Technology, Singapore.  Certificate SNG 0160211 (LRQA)

Environmental Management System

(ISO 14001:2015)

IQE Silicon Compounds Limited, Newport, UK.   Certificate EMS 692209

IQE Europe Ltd., Cardiff, UK.   Certificate EMS 517463 (BSi)

IQE, Greensboro, NC.   Certificate US013530

IQE, Taiwan.    Certificate 14829-2014-AE-RGC-RvA

IQE Silicon, Cardiff, UK.   Certificate EMS 95661 (BSi)

IQE, Taunton, MA, USA.   Certificate US012093

IQE Inc., Bethlehem, PA.  Certificate US010754

MBE Technology, Singapore.  Certificate SNG 0190050

Wafer Technology, Milton Keynes, UK.  Certificate EMS 502245 (BSi)

Galaxy Semiconductor, Spokane, WA.   Certificate US011199