For all your advanced processing needs


IQE Silicon is the leading expert in providing high quality Silicon and Germanium epitaxial silicon layers for the electronics industry.

 We offer fast turnaround and high yield on developed products. We also develop processes and products to customer specifications.

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We also offer reactor process and installation consultancy and epitaxial metrology services.


Broad range of epitaxy products and services

IQE’s comprehensive product portfolio includes epitaxial wafer products for:

  • Silicon Epitaxy on Buried Layers [datasheet]
  • Multilayer Epitaxy [datasheet]
  • High Resistivity Silicon Epitaxy [datasheet]
  • Epitaxial Silicon on Sapphire (SOS) [datasheet]
  • Silicon Germanium (SiGe)
  • Silicon on Insulator (SOI) [datasheet]
  • Strained Silicon
  • Selective Silicon, Silicon Germanium or Germanium Epitaxy [datasheet]
  • Germanium Epitaxy on Germanium Substrates
  • Germanium Epitaxy on Silicon Substrates [datasheet]
  • Germanium Epitaxy on Insulator [datasheet]
  • Process and Equipment Installation
  • Process Metrology

MOCVD, MBE and CVD : optimized to your needs.


Who we are

IQE Silicon is Europe's most advanced and largest independent provider of epitaxial services to the silicon semiconductor market. It is a wholly owned division of IQE plc - a company with over 20 years experience as world leaders in custom epitaxy.

Perfection is our Goal

Outsourcing the manufacture of epitaxial wafers is a fundamental business strategy for a growing number of semiconductor device manufacturers who recognise the key advantages of matching supply to demand, increasing return on investment, reducing the risk of idle internal capacity, reducing capital spend, achieving faster time-to-market and providing access to advanced epi technologies.

The epitaxy process is one of the most critical and demanding steps in the manufacturing chain. As the demand grows for improved delivery, quality, service and cost, so to does the need for silicon epi-wafer services.

'Perfection' at servicing our customers needs is IQE's Goal.


Unbeatable value

Our aim is always to maximise the value we provide our customers. Whether it is basic services or advanced epitaxial applications, the customer always comes first at IQE Silicon.

Future developments

Embracing new and advanced materials technology is the way for Moore’s Law to continue to hold true. As demand for computer processing power continues to increase, the same drivers appear as for RF components for mobile devicesbr>
IQE has a number of customer driven and funded R&D programmes for next generation microprocessors and potential terabyte storage products

Advanced silicon and III-V materials hold the promise to become technology of choice if they can leverage both manufacturing and design infrastructure”