Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


IQE corporate social responsibility is to use our technology, our expertise and our vision to contribute to the environment, to inspire the next generation and to support innovation and research.

IQE engages with a number of local, national and international initiatives working with a range a third party organisations and authorities in areas such as ethical employment policies, educational and community work. The Group actively engages with a number of industry groups, educational bodies and charities to promote science and technology and to help contribute to community causes.

We believe that our commitment to CSR creates value for IQE and for our stakeholders as well as for our society and for people. Every effort is made by all Group companies to maintain high standards for ethics, health, safety, environment and quality.

Contribute to the environment

IQE is fully committed to creating business growth whilst ensuring that the impact on the environment is minimised and that all activities are conducted safely by appropriately trained and qualified employees. The group works closely with all key stakeholders to ensure that its global facilities, and those activities over which it has influence through its supply chain, operate in a way that is ethical and in accordance with best practice.

Inspire the next generation


Technology plays an essential role in transforming the world in which we live. That's why IQE is committed to supporting the next generation of innovators. By working with academic establishments and schools, IQE encourages the young people to acquire knowledge in the technology sector and to pursue careers in science and engineering.

Support innovation and research

Technology leadership lies at the heart of IQE’s strategy. This is supported by a culture of innovation and constant improvement. We are engaged in a number of research and development programmes in collaboration with customers, academia, research organizations and government agencies.